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CliffKathy Whitham, RN, is a Behavior Parenting Coach who guides and educates parents using her unique combination of empathy, expertise, and experience drawn from years of maternal-child nursing, holistic healing practices, yoga, and the arts, as well as raising three children, including a transgender son.

A favorite speaker at our Family Week Parent Caf├ęs for the past three years, Kathy helps parents develop their own Personal Parenting GPS by giving them positive parenting tools to avoid frustrating power struggles with children of any age and nurture loving connection, healthy communication, and peace at home.

She knows that moms and dads want to be the best parents they can be and believes that children thrive when their parents thrive. According to Kathy, “Connection matters more than perfection!” For more information or to set up a consult with Kathy, email her at or go to