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CHRISArmy Captain Chris Armijo has spent 15 years in the Army and is currently assigned to the San Mateo Medical Recruiting Station in San Mateo, CA. CPT Armijo is, most importantly, the single father of two precious twin toddler daughters, Sophia and Ryan Armijo. As a family, they spend time volunteering with Operation Care and Comfort, Military Partners and Families Coalition, and the American Military Partners Association. When not volunteering as a family, CPT Armijo serves on the Board of Directors for Our Family Coalition and Endeavor Foundation for the Arts (EFFTA), and previously served on the Board of Health Education for Latino People (H.E.L.P). The Armijo family is relocating to Fort Sam Houston in May 2014. Chris is the LGBTQ Community Administrator on Kinsights, a social network for parents. He facilitates and secures community partnerships between LGBTQ parents across the U.S. and Kinsights, providing a unique, dynamic environment for parents to connect and share advice. Chris also administers his own group for parents on Kinsights.