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Q: Legally married, do we need second parent adoption?

My wife and I were legally married in Washington state last year but we currently reside in Georgia. Together we are trying to start a family through artificial insemination; I will be carrying the child, however, both of our names will be on the birth certificate. Will my wife have to do a second parent adoption given that we are married?

A: Response from Richard B. Vaughn

Despite the fact that you both can be listed on the birth certificate, your wife will not have automatic presumption of parental rights even if you are married. This is because of two things. First, the child/children are created through assisted reproduction (A.I.), and this takes away the benefit of the marital presumption (that a child born into a marriage is the child of both spouses). Second, as an LGBT family, she will need something (a court order) that will be recognized in all states. While your marriage is now recognized in all states, parental rights for same-sex parents are not necessarily recognized universally in all jurisdictions. Your wife is best protected if she completes a second parent adoption (in your case, since you are married, it would be called a step-parent adoption). This gives her the protection of a court order that has full faith and credit under the US constitution and must be recognized in all other states.

You should consult with a family lawyer familiar with these issues in Georgia, and I would highly recommend Lori Surmay.

Lori M. Surmay Claiborne & Surmay, P.C. 60 Lenox Pointe, N.E. Atlanta, GA 30324-3170 404-442-6969 (office) 404-442-6950 (fax)

Best of luck to you in your family building!!

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