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I recently had a case at the NH Supreme Court which we won. Here is a brief summary of that case. !In 2002 my partner and I welcomed a daughter into our lives. We could not get married and I could not adopt her. We lived as a family for 7 years . Unfortunately my partner and I separated. At that time I still saw my daughter and was very involved in her life. I paid child support and saw her every weekend until February 2013. Our relationship was abruptly end and all communication was stopped. I fought in family court and was not even given a hearing. We went to the NH Supreme court represented by GLAD and after a long year and a half the court agreed that I am a parent to my daughter. Now We have to go back to family court and start the process of reunification. I am trying to raise funds for the legal battle which could be lengthy. I have borrowed money from family,cashed in annuities and have run out of places to turn to. I don't want to give up just because I can't afford lawyers fees. Please help me reunite with my daughter. As you can see I am trying to raise money for fight at the Derry family court level. Do you have any ideas where I could go for help. Thank you Susan Brackett

A: Response from Kathy Whitham

Wow, Susan...I'm so sorry for all you're going through.I hear your cry for help and how much you love your daughter. I will do some research on crowd source funding and also speak to a compassionate family lawyer/mediator I know here in MA and see what resources i can come up with for you. Your are also welcome to email me at for future communication. I'll get back to you within the next few weeks.


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Joe Taravella

Joe Taravella

Dr. Joe is a father to 'almost triplets', children's book author, and licensed clinical psychologist with a specialization in marital and family therapy. He is the acting director of psychological services at a medical practice in Staten Island, New York, along with private practices in midtown Manhattan and Millburn, NJ.
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Kathy Whitham

Kathy Whitham

Kathy Whitham, RN is a Behavior Parenting Coach who guides and educates parents using her unique combination of empathy, expertise, and experience drawn from years of maternal-child nursing, holistic healing practices, yoga, and the arts, as well as raising three children, including a transgender son.
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